Tuesday, 5 February 2008

Fool me once

G was home sick today. Woke feeling very, very ill. I even heard the sound of retching coming from the bathroom and presumed that she was actually ill. I did check the homework diary last night, and there was nothing left unfinished so I decided to believe her. My mistake.

She spent the morning snoozing in our bed, whilst I tiptoed round the house telling Lal that "Georgie" wasn't feeling well and we had to be really very quiet. His idea of quiet and mine vary wildly as the rhymic banging of a £2 coin on the wooden bathroom floor will attest.. but we tried. We even cancelled going to Gymboree as she was far too ill to be left. Poor child.

Of course it was all an elaborate fake and by 11am, Lal's nap time, and my peace and quiet time, she was down stairs complaining of boredom. And I couldn't even take her to school as I, like the dutiful mother I am, rang them at 8.15 and told them she had a stomach bug. Grr at the 24 hour school ban in cases of anything stomach related.

So I put her to work. But she then developed a migraine of such astounding pain that she was only able to feebly lie on the sofa, moaning, needing cold compresses. The blinds were drawn so she could lie in a darkened room, glasses of ice cold water asked for and given, and the door shut so Lal didn't climb all over her. She was very ill in that 6 minutes until I heard the sound of those awful American children's programmes. that awful, awful one... with the psychic girl.. name forgotten, but I hate that show.
Tv off.. lights on, blinds open and Lal placed none too gently on the "feeble" childs stomach. I went to the shop for 5 mins rest.

Upon my return Lal had had his hair done, 5 minutes I was gone, maybe 6.. and he had a full head of gel. He looked like he had a curly mohican. Ridiculous, and not the slightest bit cute, no matter what the "up to the minute in fashion" child said. Poor boy. The last time I left her with him she dressed him in one of her old dresses.... he did make a cute girl though!

Poor G did make a complete recovery by 4pm, when her friends were home and she could talk to them on MSN.. She will be forcibly dragged out of bed tomorrow and sent to school. Without doubt.

Lal, on the other hand, has been an angel today. No really. I'm not being sarcastic. He discovered the joys of Uno, and spent ages pressing the button waiting for cards to fly out and hit him in the face.

Lent starts tomorrow.. that's another Mass I have to take him too.. this time on my own, oh that will be fun! He has made his Lenten promise.. he's not giving up anything.. he's going to start walking..he is.. he is!

K x x

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