Thursday, 14 February 2008

The pain of the super heated jeans.

Ouch.. it hurts. Really hurts.

Lal is currently having a major tantrum as fil came round and decided to take G into town to buy her birthday present (12 next week). Lal is screaming as he wasn't invited, and Grandpa came round and went with only a 10 minute cuddle. I am ignoring the tantrum, and hoping that he will stop soon. Not likely.. he may be hitting the terrible two's at 13 months. Smashing.

Anyway.. I have af. I hate having af. It decided to arrive a week early this morning, and the first day is always the worst. Why is that? So, I decided to make myself a hot water bottle and suffer in (non) silence through the cramping agony. When fil arrived, I threw said bottle onto the sofa, becuase you can't answer the door with a pink flowery bottle hanging out of your jeans. It's not the done thing. I failed to realise that the bottle had super heated the metal button on my jeans, and now have a perfectly round burn on my tummy.

So now I have cramps, a headache (from the tantrum screaming) and a first degree burn. It's only 1.51.. how much worse will the day get?

Oh yes. Happy Valentines Day. I have yet to receive anything.. but then I didn't realise it was actually today, so apart from a free card on photobox, I haven't got anything either. Ah well.

K x

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