Wednesday, 20 February 2008

Oh Misery

It's taking me longer than usual to snap out of this misery spell I seem to be under. Lacking in energy, teary, all in all quite rubbish. Pff.. wish it would hurry up and go away, I'm bored of it now.

Anyway.. back to today. Why is it that I can get up at 6.15, be tired, but actually be up, but if Lal wakes at 5.48 and wants to get up, the whole world stops? There is something entirely conditioned in me that needs the reassurance of the alarm clock. Even if I don't actually hear it. Maybe the 5 hour signifies night to me?
So, as you may have guessed, I was up early today. And it messed up the entire day. Lal passed out again at 8.40, whilst eating breakfast, still strapped into his highchair. Lovely toastified forehead..mmm. He was awake again at 11, his usual nap time, so we had much fun and laughter trying to keep him going til 7 tonight. "rolling eyes"

This time 12 years ago, I was just going into labour with G. I cannot believe that it was 12 years ago. She's nearly all grown up. Pah. Not sure I'm all that impressed tbh, can I have the baby one back and start again? No seriously, she a monster, but she's my monster. Time just goes far too quickly. Oh.. Ipod update.. it's still under warranty! Can get it fixed/replaced. I'm not stupid enough to have told them about the 1st storey drop, and they are hardly likely to guess.. so hopefully will have a working one again soon.

Tesco fun this afternoon. I bought a nice cake, candles, birthday banners, cards, wrapping paper.. still thinking that there is something I forgot, but ha. Never mind. Just have to wrap her presents tonight now. We are off out for a meal tomorrow night, grandparents and uncles included, so she should have a little birthday fuss anyway.
Whilst at Tesco, Lal decided to shout at everyone he passed, giggle at them and generally be cute and cuddly. The snarling is reserved for me at the moment. He also tried to steal cat food. Honestly, the obsession with cats is getting worse.
Ah yes.. had to take my eyes off him whilst packing the shopping, in correct cupboard order, on the conveyor belt. Big Mistake. I turned back to him to discover that he had undone the latch on the pluggy thing that keeps him in the trolley, and was attempting the conveyor belt climb. If my hair weren't dyed, I'd be entirely grey.

K x

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