Monday, 18 February 2008

A visit from the Ruin Your Day monster

Gah! You know when you have those days? The days where nothing goes right and you just sit there getting more and more wound up until you explode?

It started well. I actually woke up at 6.15, with the aid of no less than three alarm clocks. The actual alarm, my mobile and K's mobile. He didn't have to be at work til 11, hence him not getting up at 5 and waking me on the way out of the door. I have no idea why I can ignore alarm clocks so well, but they never wake me. I'm not even aware of getting out of bed and turning them off. Even though I keep one on top of the wardrobe..

Anyway, was up and got G sorted and off to school. Then Lal woke. Him waking sadly woke the I'm going to destroy your day monster too. Dammit.

We had run out of milk, so threw some clothes on over my pj's and drove to the shop. Got milk. Reversed out of car park into another car. In my defense, it was a minibus type thing and almost invisible, but entirely my fault. His car wasn't damaged at all, but mine has a lump out of the side, above the rear wheel. K is not happy and is using it to solidify his opinion of my rubbish driving.

Got home, got Lal fed and dressed, tidied up a little whilst K entertained the baby, and sat down to catch up on bc. Except I missed the chair and landed on the floor. Not just on the floor, I landed on a plastic giraffe's head. Every house needs a plastic giraffe. Saying that we don't have the body.. just the head.

K went to work, after laughing at my pain, and left me with Lal. Or the child who looks like Lal but is actually a whining brat monster. Nothing but whinge all day long. Oh and create complete chaos. I do watch him, I promise, but he escapes so quickly. He took everything out of his drawers... he emptied the food cupboard.. he drank neat cream from the fridge.. he tried to eat teh cat food.. he fell off the sofa.. he broke 6 cd cases (why are they so flimsy?) He found an unattended lightbulb and smashed it... he moaned because I turned the tv off.. he hit me with a book, several times that one.... the list goes on!

He finally went to sleep at 10.30.. oh yes.. all this happened before 10.30. And I sat down at computer again and answered a few bc threads. You have to love ff v bf debates. People get so heated! And then he woke again. But I didn't realise he had woken until I heard the cry. We have vertical blinds in our sitting room. He was halfway up them, with one foot on the top of the sofa. I'm not a good mother.. I spent 10 seconds wondering whether to get the camera to take a pic before I went to rescue him.

I then broke the kettle. No idea how, but it now doesn't stop boiling and water flies out of the top and burns you. Can water fly?

So that's it. There are many more tales in my day of woe, but my fingers ache, my tea is going cold and I'm convinced that if I spend much longer at the pc I'll destroy it. Will do a proper update tomorrow!

K x x

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