Monday, 25 February 2008

It's not JUST a cold!

I have to be brief tonight because I'm dying. Actually dying.

To some people, it may seem like I just have a cold. But there is no "just" about it. My nose is bright red and very, very sore. My darling husband kindly purchased some tissues for me, but he got the Anti Viral ones, and the stuff in them makes poor old nose more sore than before. I can't breathe, let alone smoke which is truly annoying. yes, I know its good for me, but still.. tut.

I am woolly headed, and foggy headed, and the combination is killing me. And I have no Diet Coke. Apologies for the non sequitur, but I just looked at an empty can and it reminded me.

At least this is Day One. Day Two should be the test as to whether the Cold decides to descend to my lungs and force me to cough all night long. Fingers crossed for that not to happen..

G has a week of after school detentions. The school is rather strict.. she got them for failing to produce a protractor in her maths lesson. Gah. And she now can't find the protractor, even though I bought her two maths sets in September. Another annoyance. She does it deliberately, I swear she does.

Lal has discovered the true purpose of his Ride On car. And has spent most of the day riding round the house, shouting "Wheeeeeeeeee." Oh, and he can now spoon feed himself yogurt. Well, part spoon and part finger. It's progress.

I am now going to apply another layer of vaseline to the nose. Oh, I am an attractive sight.

K xx

And a friend just told me that Kleenex Balsam tissues are not pronounced Balsam, but Balm. How can that be? It's Bal - sam. Balm? TUT!

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