Saturday, 9 February 2008

Our eyes met across a crowded room....

He knocked me over. The first time we met, literally. With a football. I cried for a long time and told my mum. He then bought me an ice cream and I decided to marry him. I was 7. He was my brother's friend and he was gorgeous. Although I wasn't aware of his gorgeousness at the time, but I did like the ice cream. It even had a flake.

Of course I was far too young to get married at 7, and he was older, it just wasn't the done thing. So he ignored me until I turned 14. Which was still stupidly young, but I couldn't hold out any more, and kissed him. As I recall, he absolutely freaked and told me that my brothers would kill him. I didn't see him for three weeks, and when he finally came round he had J's (my brother) permission and we started "going out."

16 years after the first kiss, we're still going strong.

Oh.. how soppy is this? I need to find something to moan about..

Can't.. soppiness has taken over, I am no longer a sarcastic person, I am now entirely sickly sweet.

K x x

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