Friday, 1 February 2008

Annoyances and Injuries

I like to think of myself as a fairly mellow person. Other people do not describe me as mellow, apparently I can be extremely impatient, sarcastic (that one is a real surprise) and downright nasty if things aren't done my way. My way being the best way,and therefore the only way things should be done. Obviously.

I made myself a cup of tea,and some cereal for breakfast today. I went to the knife drawer, no idea why its known as a knife drawer when it hold all the cutlery, but still... went to the knife drawer and got out a spoon. Except it wasn't a spoon, it was a fork. Tried for another spoon, this time it was a knife... Why? Because my dear husband fails to learn that it goes knife.. fork.. spoon (for cereal) spoon (for tea) and misc. I think he fails to learn this deliberately as he has never once gotten it right. I should maybe be grateful that he had put the washing up away.. I am.. but please, learn the method.


I have somehow managed to hurt myself three times today. The first time was a Lal related injury. Some would say deliberately inflicted. I was merrily typing away on bc, when I saw the mouse disappearing behind the pc table. Lal was under it again, pulling at wires. I decided to play peek a boo, so bent down on all fours and said boo. Lal was excited by that, and decided to show his pleasure by slamming the keyboard tray (thing on rollers keyboard sits on) into my forehead. Hard. I saw stars, and Lal collapsing with laughter. Nice.

The second time was entirely my fault. I was getting the broom from the cupboard under the stairs to sweep up the remains of Lal's lunch. To do this.. I stand on one leg, hold onto the side of the door and lean into the cupboard. I would walk in normally, but then I'd have to spend 3 seconds moving the highchair, and that would be precious time wasted.. besides my way is more fun! Except today, I slipped on a piece of carrot that Lal deliberately left where my foot goes and I fell sideways first into nappy bucket. Excellent.

The third time was again my fault. We have a large banister thing in our hall, and I like to swing on it and jump to the second step.. so grab hold.. swing round.. second step. This also means I have the momentum to run quickly up the stairs. I can't run unless I swing. Today I decided to let go mid swing, about 65 degrees too soon, and flew though the air into the (luckily) shut sitting room door. That one bruised my other shoulder.

And that's it for today! I'm off to pick up the biggest monster from her school disco.. I lost the toss.. knew I should have done scissors instead of rock...

K x x

Ah yes.. the biggest annoyance of the day... WHY is this necessary?

(Is it wrong that I deliberately took a picture of that to show you? LOL)

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