Saturday, 2 February 2008

A distinct lack of snow

BBC weather lied to me, flat out lied. They promised me snow storms. They promised that Essex would be covered in snow. We didn't get one single flake. Not one. Nada. Nothing. Instead we got sun, lots and lots of sun. All very well in summer.. but in winter? In what was supposed to be a snow storm? NO! I feel cheated, and betrayed. It's the Michael Fish "little bit of wind" debacle all over again. Please, no one tell me that you were unable to leave your house this morning, or that you woke to snow having come down the chimney into your sitting room. I'll cry.

I love snow! As you may well have guessed. I love the pure whitenessof it, the crunchiness under foot.. the footprints leading to the obligatory snowman.. I just do. In expectation of the snow storm, I washed Lal's snowsuit last night, I found G's gloves, I even braved the spider paradise that is our garage to find the sledge. All in vain. So the weekend started badly!

We had our trip to the park anyway, all bundled up (for the sun) and spent an hour freezing outside. It was fun! We saw squirrels, large boys playing football, dogs running freely in the fields and then pooing. All a delight. I did discover that my Lal is a genius. Honestly. Whilst wandering through the "wicked" woods.. (G loved Wizard Zoz when little, so all wooded areas became wicked..) .. Lal pointed at every tree and said "Book" Impressive no? 13 months and he already knows that books come from trees. I am so proud.

We did the swing thing, the placing of baby next to object for photo.. the taking of photos of older child so she doesn't feel left out.. fed ducks.. played Pooh Sticks.. tried not to drop an entirely confused by Pooh Sticks baby into the river. Moaned about being cold (me) sent texts (G) waxed lyrical about the bracing winter air (K) and smellily pooed (Lal)

All in all.. a fun day!

Came home and tried to open a coconut... coconut isn't nice when you haven't won it at a fair, and is now in the bin. Got the lecture from K about how the milk inside a coconut is sterile and can be used as a drip in emergency situations. I'll remember that one. I'm sure it'll come in handy. Sometime.

I am now going to attempt the ultra fun task of ironing. Oh joy.

But first.. some pics of our day at the park...

This isn't fun... can we go yet?

Pooh Sticks.. mine is the one in front!

G.. blending into the background in hot pink

Do I climb up?

"Book?" Lal the treehugger

K x x

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