Tuesday, 26 February 2008

Lost.. never to be seen again

I may rant tonight. I am not in a good mood at all! Bah. And Humbug.

As I said yesterday, G got a week's worth of after school detentions for failing to produce a protractor. Never mind that she had two sets bought for her in September, both these are well and truly lost. Gone. Never to be seen again. How two complete sets can disappear is beyond me. Especially when we still have the cases. One case has coppers in, and the other is filled with hair grips. Because thats where they go. Ok then.

So, due to my deathly illness (not telling K that I feel better.. he's out until 9.30,and then I will get some tlc) I completely forgot to go and get another maths set from town. Grrr. G arrived home, ate, mooched, sulked, played with and bathed baby, and remembered at 8pm that she absolutely had to have one, or she'd be expelled. She may be prone to exaggeration, a little like me. So muggins me left them both at home and went to the Tesco down the road, literally 5 mins away. Pff... got there, got set, and some bits of food, some reduced trousers for Lal (Were £5, got them for 50p!) Ooh yes... bought myself a Mother's Day present, a nice new mug to make up for the ones I am currently working my way through breaking.. basically bought bits. And then had a row with the self service checkout. It kept telling me that there was an unexpected item on the belt.. and there was nothing there... nothing. Oh, except my purse, which I realised after swearing at the damn thing and trying not to sneeze (left tissues at home)

Anyway.. so that was the Maths set story. I refused to pay for this one, and made G give me some of her birthday money for it. Harsh? Yes.. but she has to learn. Children. TUT

Lal has discovered the joys of crayons, he's not entirely sure that wax tastes nice, but he's giving it a go. He has also discovered the low table that the crayons live(d) on, and when I went back into the conservatory, he was standing on the table, crayons in hand, flinging them across the room. Hooligans, I am raising hooligans.

Nice man came and fixed tumble dryer. Worst suspicions confirmed. Build up of dust inside cause electricity trip. Dammit. Now I have a new phobia. I've already cleaned it out twice today, and I haven't used it since it was fixed.

That's it.. I'm off to drink my tea and try and make myself look more ill. He'll be home in a minute.

K xx

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lish said...

I have just discovered your blog, and bookmarked it among my favourite blogs :o)
(I have one but it's nowhere near so funny!)